Arc is introducing its banking as an app platform. Begin to hold money in real assets and securities earning you a market yield and appreciation.

Use your securities as a currency with immediate liquidity via your Visa/Mastercard debit card. Coming Soon

Coming Soon Arc Invest Beta

The banking platform which will disenfranchise traditional banking

Arc Invest Beta is the prelude to Arc's full banking as an app platform due for release later this year

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Remember when $100 was a lot of money?

Hold your money in real assets, large cap securities

Today traditional banks earn money for themselves by investing your funds. Why go through a middleman if you can hold your money in real assets which provide yield and appreciation directly.

With Arc you own your assets directly, choose a SIPC insured custodian and begin to keep your money in securities. Securities will always expose you to market risk and volatility which means on an equity based strategy you can lose money in the sort-term to near-term, but historically the market has always outperformed cash in its embedded inflation loss.

Use your assets and securities as a currency

Instant liquidity via Arc's Debit Card

Before 1970 the US dollar was backed by gold. Today its not backed by anything. Arc's technology allows you to keep your money in real assets and spend them as currency via Arc's debit card.

No need to keep your value in fiat anymore, which historically has either lost value gradually and in some cases suddenly.

Market Growth
Investments in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
The Difference is Liquidity

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have revelutionized the way we invest in deversified assets

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