There are several company bonds on the market. We took for example three: short, long and medium. The longest bond with maturity in 2047 yields a yield of about 4% in US dollars. A bond with short duration (redemption in 2022) offers a yield of only 2.2-2.3%.
The average option is a bond that will be redeemed extinguished in 2027. In my opinion, this is the best option both in terms of yield (about 3%), duration and liquidity. It can be easily bought and sold on the market: the minimum lot is $ 2 thousand.

Qualcomm is a reliable company. Accordingly, it has bonds with high ratings and low yields. Ideal for a super-conservative strategy. Are you interested in the yield at the level of 2.5-4.0% per annum? Then Qualcomm is your story.

For those who are willing to take a higher risk, there are other bonds with higher yields in the market. For example, Western Digital with maturity in 2026, which offers about 5% yield. Or PEMEX – Mexican Oil Company, 2024, and the yield is even higher – 5.3%.