The World is Changing

Open banking API is becoming the standard of the financial banking system.
Arc’s technology now allows you to keep securities that provide income and hedge inflation, while allowing immediate debit when you spend.
The PSD2 directive revolutionizes the financial system, allowing fintech and banking companies to build an effective dialogue with the user in a completely new way.
Central banks’ instant payment hubs will dramatically marginalize Visa & MasterCard payment monopolies within the next 5-10 years.
Free flow of money with full connectivity to products from any bank and instant application to take advantage of best products offered, lowest rate mortgages and consumer loans, cash back programs, lowest cost insurance spanned across the EU in a connected market place.
In order to remain viable, banks will partner with fintech projects, create their own solutions or buy them ready-made. They cannot stand still or else they will not survive.

Your Cash Securities Account

Each individuals risk profile is different, as is each persons economic sitauation.  Higher returns means higher votality. Arc’s Automated Algorithm Smart Advisor™ will provide you with a risk tailored ‘cash securities’ portfolio.

Our Technologies

Arc Pay’s technology allows you to store your money real assets and securities whilst immidiate liquidity when you spend across Visa, Master Card, and SEPA


Automated Algorithm Smart Advisor™ will create your personalized cash securities portfolio based on your individual risk profile.


Automated robo-trader to maintain your asset portfolio based on the recommendations of your Investment Advisor.


Latest news and investment recommendations.


API integration with your SIPC insured - global custodian.


Instant liquidity and conversion linked to Arc's debit card at the point of sale.

Regulated Financial Advisors across Regions

Work with your existing Regulated Investment Advisor (RIA) or choose from our approved RIA partners and begin following winning investment strategies and recommendations.


Regulatory Investment Advisors


Regulatory Investment Advisors


Regulatory Investment Advisors